The Liz Cochran Memorial Groom's Award was inaugerated in 2011 and is offered annually to an outstanding groom of a ERA of NA professional member who has had a large influence on a rider's career and the health and well-being of the horses under their care. Grooms are nominated by riders and their peers and selected by the ERA of NA Awards Committee. The winner receives an engraved award and $5,000. Nominees should epitomize the example set forth by Liz Cochran in setting the standard for a professional groom and are chosen based on the following criteria:


     The groom always puts the horses first
     The groom always has immaculate turnout of horses at competition and at home 
     The groom communicates effectively with owners, riders, students and staff
     The groom is able to rally a positive stable atmosphere both at home and away
     The groom has an infectious, positive attitude
     The groom shares knowledge of their hob in an effort to educate others
     The groom demonstrates that no job is beneath them
     The groom is always well presented in their attire and is courteous in both manner and speach
     The groom enhances their rider's career

2017      Andi Lawrence

2016     Kendyl Tracy

2015     Shannon Kinsley

2014     Stacey Driscoll

2013     Kathleen Blauth

2012     Emma Ford

2011     Lindsey Taylor

14 Apr 2017