Why Join the ERA of NA

The primary goal of the ERA of NA is to be the voice of the riders - to be the riders’ union for the sport of Eventing and support all of our constituents to make a better sport and have a stake in the direction of the sport.

· Without a large number of members, our voice is significantly diminished.

· There have been many instances in the past few months at shows across the country where riders have needed support from an organization such as the ERA to stand behind them and enforce change or hold officials and organizing committees accountable.

· We do not want to create an "us against them" situation, we do want to have a strong seat at the table with our NGB, officials and organizers, to be heard and enhance the quality of Eventing for all.

· The ERA of NA is urging all riders- amateur, junior or professional - trainers, grooms, owners, organizers and other equine professionals to join our mission to strengthen our voice and become members.

It is easy and very inexpensive to join at www.eraofna.org. Together we can make a difference.

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