Events in Junior Program Competitions

Junior Program Competition Events are for the Triple Crown JYR Training Scholarship and Prelim to PRO Team programs. Juniors, in the training scholarship, have to compete in at least one Junior Program Competition. These events are selected because of geographic location and the ability to have enough professionals who could volunteer to judge the riders involved in the Programs. The Juniors are scored as they compete at the event, but in addition to this we have a scoresheet that was developed to score juniors on technique and horsemanship, not just the scores they accrue at the event. Professional members of ERAofNA volunteer to score the riders and this ultimately becomes the points we use for the Triple Crown Junior Leaderboard. The top two Juniors from the east coast and top two from the west coast earn scholarship weeks with a professional member of ERAofNA, who volunteers to host them at no cost to the junior.  For more information on the Junior Programs, please visit our PROGRAMS page.